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It's National Praline Day!

It's National Praline Day! Join Savannah's Candy Kitchen and Kids Cafe in fighting childhood hunger.

National Praline Day is Saturday, June 24th, and if you're signed up for our delicious Candy Gram email newsletters, then you know that this year we've partnered with Kids Café. On June 24th (National Praline Day) 10% of our in-store and online Praline sales will be donated to Kid's Café. Fighting against childhood hunger one praline at a time.

​Kids Café does more than combat childhood hunger, however. They also provide at-risk children with tutoring, homework assistance, and a safe haven during afternoon hours. This wonderful program has proven to increase participants' likelihood to stay in school through high school graduation. Last year, 398,229 meals were served to children at risk of hunger.

​Now that you know how we are celebrating National Praline Day, why don't we tell you about our delicious Savannah Pecan Praline? Have you ever been walking down the street and suddenly you smell something delicious and mouth watering? If you've ever had the pleasure of being around one of our candy stores, then you know exactly what we are talking about. The smell of freshly scooped Savannah Pecan Pralines is enough to draw you into the doors for your FREE sample from our exceptional team. Pop your sample into your mouth and you will quickly realize why we haven't changed the recipe in any of our candy stores in 40 years!

​Savannah Pecan Pralines are a delicious confection made with cream, butter, sugar, and fresh Georgia Pecans. Another added bonus, we don't use ANY preservatives in our products, and you will never be sold a day-old Praline. Not near any of our locations? Have no fear, when you start hankering for a delicious Savannah Pecan Praline, you can order them online and have them shipped anywhere in the United States! Now you might be thinking, "hey this sounds familiar, I think I've had these before." While that may be true we like to believe that if you've tasted our handmade Savannah Pecan Pralines you aren't likely to forget!

​So stop by or order online June 24th and get your fill of Pecan Pralines and help us and Kids Café fight child hunger one Praline at a time.