Christmas Joy Cake

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Our new Christmas Joy Cake has two layers of rich, moist, dark chocolate cake, separated by a generous layer of butter crème frosting. This cake is enrobed in our famous made-from-scratch coconut icing and finished with a decadent dark chocolate ganache. The taste reminded one of our bakers of eating an Almond Joy - hence the name! Serves 10-12.

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Such a pretty cake!
Dec 20, 2021  |  By Juan
This cake was delicious! It wasn't as tall as the coconut cake but it was equally tasty. It presents so well.

Dec 17, 2021  |  By Luana Klimek
I love the strawberry cake but this one tastes just like a Mounds bar only with a luscious chocolate cake!! I was lucky enough and ordered one earlier and trust me I'm a baker and picky and this is wonderful!!!!

very moist and tasty
Nov 29, 2021  |  By Cynthia ODonnell
saved me the trouble of having to bake a cake for the holidays. would order again very moist and very tasty

Nov 27, 2021  |  By Erica W.
As soon as I saw this cake in the catalog I knew I had to try it. Being a fan of their coconut cake- I knew the icing was going to be amazing. This cake was perfect. My family enjoyed this as one of our thanksgiving day desserts.

Nov 18, 2021  |  By Phil Joyner
Very good. Awesome addition to cake choice.