Cashew Turtle Gophers

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  • Cashew Turtle Gophers - 12 pc.
    Item # 1601S
  • $29.95
  • Cashew Turtle Gophers - 24 pc.
    Item # 1602S
  • $49.95

NEW! You love our classic Turtle Gophers (made with Georgia pecans). Now we're introducing a new variety - with cashews! Three layers of goodness: plump tasty cashew pieces; creamy, buttery family-recipe caramel, and topped with a swirl of milk chocolate. Packed in our signature striped gift box and individually wrapped for freshness.

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Dec 14, 2021  |  By Saint Dervareid D Hawkins
I absolutely LOVE cashews, and I LOVE the box that was sent to me!!!! Uh, I only have ONE left, and I wish I had ordered a second box, but I must wait. The caramel cake AND the cashews are DELISH!!!! I am SURE that I will order two more boxes of cashews and order a red velvet cake. My niece LOVES red velvet cake. Thank you so much for everything

Dec 31, 2020  |  By Cynthia Jones
My mom bought these delicious candies from QVC give me some love them. Really delicious. Really expensive but they are worth it.

Dec 10, 2020  |  By Debbie
Absolutely delicious, fresh, individual packages, our friends loved them!

I will order closer to Christmas.
Nov 24, 2020  |  By carlis kimmich
I have not had any of your candy. If its as good as it looks i know i will be ordering alot in the new year'