The Azalea Praline Gift Box

Item # 5848

Make your special someone's heart bloom just like the beautiful Southern Azaleas. The Azalea Praline Gift Box is bursting with Pralines. Inside you'll find 10 Original Pralines.

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super candy
May 7, 2022  |  By Janice L Sloan
great Pralines and a beautiful box

May 16, 2021  |  By Theresa Gabel
They are just delicious. Love your pralines

Love it!
Nov 6, 2020  |  By Tasha
It's been hard to find a great tasting pecan praline candy.

Just as expected
Sep 10, 2020  |  By Joanna
We had recently been gifted a box of a different brand of pralines, but they were "creamy" and chewy. Anyone who eats pralines know they should be hard, not chewy. I was looking for the kind we typically get when we go on vacation to Charleston, SC, and remembered Savannah's. These are so good and bring back so many memories of vacation and simpler times.

Pralines r delicious
Sep 9, 2020  |  By Lucinda kay vick
The delivery was on time & the candies are delicious!!

Pralines r delicious
Sep 9, 2020  |  By Lucinda kay vick
The delivery was on time & the candies are delicious!!

Sep 6, 2020  |  By Michelle RodriguezDavis
Great extravagant treat. Reminded me and brought back memories of our trip to Savannah Ga. back in 2015. Loved it. Will purchase again in near future.

Fantastic Pralines!
May 26, 2020  |  By Pamela Eastridge
I sent the Azalea Praline gift box to my brother in Tennessee. It is his favorite candy! He recently recovered from the Covid 19 virus and really needed a treat. They arrived on time and in great condition. He loved them and loved me for sending them. Thank you!

Praline Mother's Day Gift
May 16, 2020  |  By Heidi Knepper
Ordering and shipping were fast and simple. I cannot comment on package condition at arrival, but shipping was on time and the process was smooth.

May 14, 2020  |  By Thelma Muire
Easy ordering, fast delivery & delicious.

Just what I needed
May 4, 2020  |  By Christy Warrick
I visit the Savannah Candy Company every time I visit. With all of the COVID-19 madness I decided your pralines would be a little self care. They came packaged beautifully, and each bite was a vacation. Until my next actual visit!

Azalea Praline Gift Box
May 3, 2020  |  By Akacia Davies
The pralines are amazing. They are the best I have ever had!

Quality Always...
Apr 25, 2020  |  By John
Simply the best...

Apr 20, 2020  |  By Glenda Berg
Delicious pralines, beautifully packaged! A very nice treat!

Love them
Apr 19, 2020  |  By Janice
The pralines arrived in a beautiful box and were delicious and fresh.

Ballerina monkey
Apr 18, 2020  |  By ANNE linxwiler
Absolutely fantastic...presentation was beautiful.....the pralines are just amazing!!! Wow!!!

Ballerina monkey
Apr 18, 2020  |  By ANNE linxwiler
Absolutely fantastic...presentation was beautiful.....the pralines are just amazing!!! Wow!!!

sending Savannah in a box
Apr 17, 2020  |  By Teresa Whitley
My daughter and I had planned a trip to Savannah before the COVID hit. We live in separate states, so I sent her this candy gift as a reminder of Savannah and how we'll reschedule to go another time. She was pleasantly surprised and happy when the special box arrived since quarantined.

Apr 16, 2020  |  By Marie Mercier
I ordered the pralines and the are so yummy. We sampled them in Nashville and I knew that I needed some for Easter.

Successful gift
Apr 15, 2020  |  By Karen Vitols
Sent this as a gift and it was much appreciated. Easy to order and it arrived on time.

Easter Praline Gift Box
Apr 14, 2020  |  By Kimberly B Baker
Praline's were yummy. For a prepackaged praline, they were excellent. Only better...would be freshly made.

Reliable Service
Apr 13, 2020  |  By Carolyn Minter
Gave as anniversary gift. Delivery was prompt and the pralines were excellent.

Love, Love, Love
Apr 13, 2020  |  By Jacqueline A Atkinson
Your Pralines are the best...shared with Daughter's family and a dear neighbor....

Easter Pralines
Apr 13, 2020  |  By Jeff Pickels
My father loved his box of Easter Pralines. He called me immediately upon receipt and told me he wasn't sharing with anyone. Thanks for the timely delivery before Easter. It made the holiday great for my father who is from St. Simons to have a piece of his home now that he lives in another state.

Apr 9, 2020  |  By Vicki Bordner
They were great, just like the sample in the store.

Mar 9, 2020  |  By Debra Webb Ivy
My BFF from Michigan had never experienced a praline and after trying yours on a visit last year, she fell in love with Savannah Candy Kitchen (seriously, we went in every day), so I decided a gift box was the best birthday gift! The package was delivered right on time and she was thrilled! We can hardly wait until our next trip to Savannah!

Love love love these!!!
Feb 19, 2020  |  By Mary Almonte
These are the BEST!!! Will continue us to buy again and again

Feb 14, 2020  |  By Blake Bartley
Very delicious

Gift Giver's Delight
Aug 17, 2019  |  By Karen
I sent this as a gift to my grandmother on her 100th bday. She said they were delicious...just the perfect sweetness. Shared with her family and friends.

A taste of good memories
Jun 4, 2019  |  By Cathy King
My husband and I have been visiting Savannah Candy Kitchen in downtown Charleston, SC since 1974. The pralines are what has called us back to this location many times in the last 45 years. We just recently celebrated our 45th wedding anniversary, and what would be better to have up here in Massachusetts but a taste of sweet memories. The pralines are every bit as awesome now as they have always been! That's incredible that the quality could be so consistent!!

May 7, 2019  |  By Arjeanetta Cary
The pecan pralines are my favorite. Savannah's Candy Kitchen is a must visit when I visit Nashville. I placed an online order of the pecan pralines and they were delicious. I will definitely be ordering again very soon.

Piece of heaven
Feb 22, 2019  |  By Barbara Bautista
The first time I tried your pralines was at your Nashville store. As we walked in the door they were offering samples which were still warm. So, when I first received my delivery the other day I ate one immediately and was a little disappointed with the taste. So I put them away for the night and had one again the next day. It tasted as I remembered! I figured out they were cold from being out on the delivery truck so that took away from the flavor. I describe your pralines as a little piece of heaven. I'm sorry I didn't order more for now because they're all gone. I did schedule another delivery for March. I may have to make this a monthly orderstanding order. They are absolutely amazing!

Delicious Treats
Feb 16, 2019  |  By Judi E. Smith
I have ordered pralines from various candy companies and Savannnah Candy Kitchen has by far the best ones. They are soft, buttery, and nutty delicious.

Feb 16, 2019  |  By Dayle Wilke
Perfect praline with a lot big pecans. They came fresh and on time. Would purchase again.

Pralines are the Best
Feb 15, 2019  |  By Ann Morillo
These Pralines are the BEST!