24 Piece Original Pralines in the Birthday Gift Box

Item # H1032

The Original Praline is the one single item we are best known for. We made this Southern treat famous at our flagship candy store on River Street in Savannah, Georgia over 40 years ago. Today that reputation continues to grow. Each Praline is hand scooped and made fresh daily. We only use wholesome ingredients...Georgia Pecan halves, fresh cream, sugar and real butter. The Happy Birthday themed sleeve wrapped around our signature striped box makes these a perfect gift for those you love! 24 Original Pralines, individually wrapped for freshness.

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Perfect Pralines
Sep 7, 2023  |  By Mia Paro
Perfect, soft and delicious pecan pralines.

Good Gracious !!!!The finest Candy !!!!
Jun 30, 2021  |  By Sandy King Hackney
My oh my, at 77 years I have found my Grandmother's best gift to her entire family, especially for Christmas and our birthdays. She would be days making her secret recipe candy for us and I thank you for doing the same fine job and the memories..