24 Piece Dark Chocolate Turtle Gophers Gift Box

Item # 1402S

We use chopped Georgia Pecans that are overflowing with our family recipe Southern style caramel that has been used for over forty years. Each Turtle Gopher is topped with our signature dark chocolate hand swirl. Crunchy, creamy, and chocolate-y these mouthwatering treats come packed in our Signature gift box. 24 Pieces, individually wrapped.

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The Best Candy Ever!
Aug 11, 2023  |  By Marcia Jones
I was given this candy for a gift, and I am not usually a fan of caramels or turtle candies, but I love dark chocolate. OMG. . .this was so good! It has just the right amount of dark chocolate, the caramel is soft and gooey with lots of pecans. It is the best candy ever!!

Best Dark Chocolate Candy
Dec 10, 2022  |  By John and Christine
These Gophers are delicious - dark chocolate, caramel and pecans!

Best candy ever.
Dec 2, 2022  |  By Debby Keckler
My favorite candy!! Soooo good.

Love my Gophers
Jun 7, 2022  |  By Meryl Work
These are a great snack and so happy they came not melted. The special handling is worth the extra charge.

Apr 17, 2022  |  By Steven L Reynolds
Had to get annother box before it gets too hot. I doubt it will last till fall

My favorite candy!!!
Mar 28, 2022  |  By Debby Keckler
The Turtles are my favorite candy.!! Just the most delicious, & I like a lot of different types & brands......

Dark Chocolate Turtle Gophers
Mar 4, 2022  |  By Traci
These turtle gophers are amazing. The chocolate, caramel, and nut combo are an all time favorite. BUT the caramel is out of this world. So soft and creamy. This is the ultimate decadent treat.

Dark Chocolate Turtles
Feb 25, 2022  |  By Joyce Briggs
These were really good!

Need more!!
Dec 26, 2021  |  By Sandra coppens
5 stars. Bought the 24 box and ate 20. Everyone I gave one to loved them! Best chocolate and Carmel and the nuts on the bottom were delicious. I need to get another box!

Best cAndy ever.
Dec 25, 2021  |  By Debby
When visiting Savannah over the years, always stopped @ Savannah CAndy Kitchen to purchase my favorite candy,Chocolate Turtle Gophers. Amazing & delicious!!! Happy to order them & have them shipped home.

Dec 9, 2021  |  By Steven L Reynolds
Best candy ever

Recent order
Jan 8, 2021  |  By Hattie
The dark chocolate gophers shipped on time and was fresh and delicious. Very satisfied with this choice.

Dark chocolate gophers
Dec 14, 2020  |  By Nancy
My niece sent me some of these last year for Christmas. I loved them so much that I ordered some for myself this year. They are delectable and decadent. I will worry about the calories later. It's happy time!!!!