24 Piece Original Praline Gift Box

Item # 1032S

The Original Praline is the one single item we are best known for. We made this Southern treat famous at our flagship candy store on River Street in Savannah, Georgia over 40 years ago. Today that reputation continues to grow. Each Praline is hand scooped and made fresh daily. We only use wholesome ingredients...Georgia Pecan halves, fresh cream, sugar and real butter. 24 piece signature striped gift box.

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Jul 31, 2023  |  By Regina Copeland
Very tasty and delicious.

The best
Jul 17, 2023  |  By Alex Williams
The pralines were fresh and delicious! This will be the only place I order from

Mar 17, 2023  |  By Robert L. Chiles
As expected

oh my!
Mar 14, 2023  |  By Melody Cary
Love it all!

Mar 11, 2023  |  By Suzanne Davis
I love Pralines and these are the best. I bought some while visiting Charleston.. they were SO good I had to order some more.. and I will definitely be ordering more!

Best Ever
Feb 19, 2023  |  By Sharon
Lived in the South so knew pralines and wanted a Mardi Gras party here in Northwest. First time ordering these pralines and by far the best I have ever had!! So fresh upon arrival, packaged well, and very substantial. Will definitely order again and again

Feb 18, 2023  |  By Jeff Kirby
The pralines were very good.

Thanks for the sweets
Jan 1, 2023  |  By Michael Monroe
Thank you for providing your product online. When I was in Nashville last month I didn't have time to get to your shop. The family loves your pralines especially for the holidays.

Great gifting
Dec 4, 2022  |  By Virginia Benke
I ordered this as a gift for my cousin who LOVES these pralines. The ordering process was simple. The prices are reasonable. The gift arrived quickly. My cousin was thrilled. This was my first experience with Savannah's Candy Kitchen and it was great. I will definitely order more in the future.

Perfect Gift
Sep 3, 2022  |  By Bob
Ordered the 24 Piece Original Praline Gift Box to surprise my wife. The pralines are fresh and delicious. Already planning another purchase!

Best Prailings Ever
Sep 2, 2022  |  By Mary
I love me so pralines! Having a husband who is a pilot was easy to have him pick me up a box periodically from the Atlanta airport but sadly he retired and now I have no access ,so what a discovery and a surprise to know that I could have them delivered right to my door. Delicious as always!

Savanna candy company pralines Are the best!
Aug 12, 2022  |  By Mary Espejo
Huge fan of Savannah candy company pralines! having a husband who is a pilot it was always easy for me to get my fix anytime he passed through Atlanta. However he retired recently but thankfully I can still get these through the mail. about once every 2-3 months I get a box. They are just as fantastic as it is buying them fresh in the store!

Awesome People and Products
Aug 4, 2022  |  By James
Ordered a box of the 24 pralines as we were able to try the freshest batch you could get from the maker at their Nashville location. When ordered, I didn't hit the get the free order of 12 promo and sent them an email. They confirmed someone had received and adjusted the order. It's great that people still care about what they do and how well they do and nice to know we can still count on one another. Great companies are made up of great people and this was definitely the case with my experience. Love the candy as well!

Love this stuff!
Jun 15, 2022  |  By Carol
I am slightly addicted to these prailines. Just have to tell the truth! Love the creamy caramel flavor and fresh pecans. My only complaint, I wish they were bigger cause you really can't eat "just one"!

A delicious gift
Mar 25, 2022  |  By LouiseR
I purchased a box of the original pralines for my daughter's birthday because she loves them so much! They come individually wrapped for freshness and convenience. They are rich and sweet, so one will satisfy your sweet craving which makes the box last longer. A perfectly delicious gift.

Social worker
Mar 14, 2022  |  By Catricia payne
I loved them!

Awesome Pralines
Mar 6, 2022  |  By Barbara Packard
The pralines were just like in the store. I appreciated them individually wrapped...keeps them fresh longer.

Best Pralines In The World
Jan 27, 2022  |  By James
My wife says these are the best pralines in the world. I agree. They make wonderful gifts for special occasions.

Original Pralines
Jan 1, 2022  |  By BF
The Original Pralines are the best out of the items I ordered. I will be ordering more before the weather gets warm.

Pralines are the best ever
Dec 26, 2021  |  By Annie Crawford
Order pralines and they were shipped and delivered right on time. They were absolutely delicious!!

Wonderful Gift
Dec 26, 2021  |  By Karen C Stinnett
Received a call from my brother raving about how delicious the pralines I gifted him are. Arrived as promised also which is amazing during the holidays. Thanks!

Winner winner!!!!
Dec 25, 2021  |  By Karen
This was an excellent gift. Everyone has loved them.

Dec 17, 2021  |  By Delmy Castro
They're sooooo delicious I can't stay away from the box!

Smooth transaction
Dec 9, 2021  |  By Patricia Karpenko
My order was shipped as requested and received in record time.

Very good
Oct 22, 2021  |  By Patty
Delivery was super fast within 2 days. When warmed taste as if it was just made. Definitely recommend.

Pralines are the Best
Sep 16, 2021  |  By Patricia Yon
Even ordering them through the mail is almost as good as getting them in store. Well worth the wait and watching for the package in the mail.

Just As I Remembered
Sep 14, 2021  |  By Jacqueline V. Arnold
With the onset of COVID I was unable to travel and pick up my favorite candy at the Atlanta airport. Then I found out I could order my candy online. I closed my eyes as I savored the creamy deliciousness of my praline. Packaged just right so I won't over indulge. I am so happy!

Yummy Yummy, I have excellent customer service proof in my tummy!
Jan 11, 2021  |  By Sara Ruding
Easy to order, clear tracking updates, and a delicious result in the end. If I can't make it to a "Kitchen" again in 2021, I know I'll still get my "fix" easily online!

Jan 8, 2021  |  By Connie Wilkinson
Product is very good