Sweet n' Salty Nut Gift Tin

  • Sweet n' Salty Nut Gift Tin
    Item #: 8872
  • $49.95
  • Sweet n' Salty Nut Gift Tin - 2 Pack
    Item #: 8872D
  • $74.95

The Sweet 'n Salty Nut Tin is perfect for a gift or late night snacking. A delicious trio of mammoth Georgia Pecans featuring our Southern Praline Pecans, Sugar N' Spice Pecans, and Roasted N' Salted Pecans. It is hard to resist the combination of sweet and salty. This truly Southern gift tin is a beautiful blend of both.

5.3oz Praline Pecans
5.3oz Cinnamon Sugar Pecans
5.3oz Roasted n' Salted Pecans

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