Savannah's Candy Kitchen In the news!

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The company that started over 40 years ago with Mom's recipes and her loving approach to baking was mentioned in a recent blog by Redfin, a real estate company.

They call out the Pralines in this blog about upgrading a kitchen! Stan "The Candy Man" Strickland, CEO of Savannah's Candy Kitchen, learned his mother's passion and old-fashioned methods as a child. Watching her carefully select the freshest ingredients and how she would use the cup of her hand to measure them still resonates with Stan today. In time, the down-home southern delights that started as Mom's recipes were perfected and made available to those who visited a, then, little candy store located on River Street in Savannah, Georgia.

Savannah's Candy Kitchen quickly gained a reputation for making the definitive Southern Original Pecan Praline. That reputation grew to include Hand Rolled Pecan Logs, Glazed Pecans, Small Batch Copper Kettle Brittles, Divinity Candy a nougat-like confection, and everyone's favorite Turtle Gopher. And; don't forget Georgia Pecans, in Caramel and Chocolate. With the addition of Cakes, Pies and Cookies from their bakery what's not to love?

Every Southern delight is positively mouthwatering. Customer favorites include the towering, fluffy, golden Praline Layer Cake; the silky, sweet, Praline Cheesecake; the snowy white, four-layer Coconut Cake; Caramel Apples so large and crisp that calling them colossal hardly seems fair; and the southern staple, Pecan Pie that uses only Georgia grown pecans. Everything available every day, for any occasion. The hand crafted, homemade approach learned from Mom has never left the kitchen. In fact, Stan now teaches it, to his son.

Savannah's Candy Kitchen is the largest candy company in the southeast!