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For over 40 years, River Street in historic Savannah, Georgia, has been synonymous with handmade southern sweets due to one man and his passion for candy. In 1973 Stan "the Candy Man" Strickland opened his first candy store making Original Pralines, Saltwater Taffy, hand stretched Peanut Brittle and homemade Pecan Pies. Now these delicacies, along with all the other handmade candies, are world famous.

Stan Strickland still owns and operates Savannah's Candy Kitchen, the largest candy store in the South. His children operate the original location, River Street Sweets, just a few blocks down. Customers love the nostalgia of watching master candy makers hand dip pralines onto giant marble slabs and stir glazed pecans in huge copper kettles. They are mesmerized by the 100-year-old saltwater taffy machine in action.

Years of urging by friends and customers prompted the Strickland family to pool efforts by franchising the best of both candy companies under a unified brand. River Street Sweets-Savannah's Candy Kitchen launched the first of many franchises in 2015.

River Street Sweets-Savannah's Candy Kitchen is a unique opportunity to be part of one of America's finest and most successful candy brands. A Southern tradition that began on Savannah's River Street is not only a business opportunity, but a chance to share in a lifestyle that is fun and family oriented.

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