• The Health Benefits of Chocolate

    Did you guys know that today is National Milk Chocolate Day ? Obviously, this means that we will be discussing the many ways that cocoa (chocolate) benefits your health. Here at Savannah's Candy Kitchen, we always champion chocolate as a main food group and regularly eat cake before 10 AM. Today we will discuss a few of the reasons why our chocolate obsession is warranted. Let's...
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  • Game of Cones

    Raise your left hand if you prefer ice cream and raise your right hand if you prefer gelato. While I can't see the results of that little tally, Savannah's Candy Kitchen serves up BOTH delicious treats in all of our locations so everyone in your party is sure to find a sweet, cold treat that appeals to their preferences! Whether you scream for ice cream or gelato, the...
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  • It's National Praline Day!

    National Praline Day is Saturday, June 24th, and if you're signed up for our delicious Candy Gram email newsletters, then you know that this year we've partnered with Kids Café. On June 24th (National Praline Day) 10% of our in-store and online Praline sales will be donated to Kid's Café. Fighting against childhood hunger one praline at a time....
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  • We've been named a Top Franchise!

    The Willard Family's beautiful storefront in Pooler, GA. As many of our friends know, in 2015 we began to offer franchise opportunities with our sister company under the name River Street Sweets • Savannah's Candy Kitchen. We have a franchise location in the Tanger outlet mall in Pooler, Georgia and are set to open up our next franchise in Key West, Florida in June with two to...
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  • Savannah's Candy Kitchen Gets Chatty

    It seems these days everyone wants to be chatty and write a blog. While we thoroughly enjoy reading them until recently we didn't realize what we were missing out on by not writing our own! For example, an opportunity to educate our friends on the difference between gelato and ice cream both can be found and enjoyed in their homemade perfection, at all of our locations. We were also...
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