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The History of Savannah Georgia Candy.

Savannah's Candy Kitchen

It is a love for tradition and the sweet southern taste of down home candy that has put Savannah’s Candy Kitchen on the map in Savannah, Georgia. Candy was a part of life for Stan Strickland’s family. His mother worked in a candy factory in Woodbine, Georgia where she learned the art of taking Georgia’s treasure, the nut, and making down home southern delights like Pralines, Log Rolls, Glazed Pecans, Peanut Brittle and Divinity.

Stan’s mother brought her love for baking home to her own kitchen where she measured with the "cup" of her hand and used only quality, fresh ingredients to make holiday delights and other delicious treats for friends and family. Stan worked beside his mom in the kitchen and learned the craft of making homemade confections. He knew that they had something worth sharing, so he started a Savannah Georgia Candy company - Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. When you step through the doors you will feel like you are stepping into the Strickland’s family kitchen. Stan continues to use his mother’s recipes and the freshest ingredients to create delicious southern delicacies.

Anyone that visits historic River Street can’t leave without stopping at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen to experience Savannah Georgia Candy.

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